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Offer Valid: 05/26/2020 - 07/27/2020
As a team, learn how to communicate more effectively and reduce stressors at work to improve productivity and health!
Now that the team is coming back together after working from home, or they held down the fort at work and endured a lot of additional stress, it's the PERFECT time to conduct a team building session!  This session will be unlike any other you've done in the past.  Here's what you and your team can expect: 

  •  DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) Assessment

    • Improve communication and interpersonal skills

    • Grow skills to interact with each other and lead the team

    • Fine tune how to more effectively communicate with clients, prospects and staff

    • Gain insight into how natural behaviors affect your company’s growth and operations

    • Understand keys to managing and keys to motivating individuals

  • Stress Quotient® Assessment

    • Examine the seven different types of stress

    • Reveal the positive and debilitating stressors at work

    • Understand whether or not the stress in the office is dramatically rising and hampering productivity, killing your culture, or staying within reasonable levels

    • Address the root causes — which can include lack of job fit, environment, miscommunications or mismanagement

Included in this special offer:

  1. Both assessments administered individually online at home or at work; each assessment takes approximately 15-20 minutes of undivided attention to complete

  2. Unique individual and team measurement reports

  3. Customized, onsite team building recap and action planning to create a more productive work environment (one to two hours - length of time depends on number in session)

  4. NOTE:  applicable state distancing guidelines will be followed; remote sessions are available

Special Pricing: 

  • 1-5 Participants - $289 per person ($260 savings pp)

  • 6-10 Participants - $249 per person ($300 savings pp)

  • 11-15 Participants - $219 per person ($330 savings pp)

  • 16-20 Participants - $199 per person ($350 savings pp)

  • 20 or more - Please call 407-942-3393 for special, special pricing!

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